The Daydreamer Company is committed to producing live performances that live long in the memory of both the audience and the company. Since formation in 2006, we have staged a large selection of brand new plays, many written specifically for the company. Every Daydreamer Participation member has the opportunity to be part of any one of our plays.

Arden City
Arden City
March - July 2008 (National Theatre, Hampstead Theatre, Trestle Arts Base)

Orlando is being hunted by his older brother. Rosie is on the run from her uncle. Their worlds collide by a chance meeting and it seems their fates are linked. They can't run, but they can hide in a vast allotment surrounded by a concrete jungle. A place where you leave who you were at the gate. Where all is not as it seems. Enter the world of Arden City.

Based on Shakespeare's 'As you like it' Timberlake Wertenbaker's 'Arden City' is tale of the use of deception to find the truth.
Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet
October 2008 (Gordon Craig Theatre)

In association with Queen's School, The Daydreamer Company presents their adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, the tragic feud between two households, the Montagues and Capulets, which ultimately kills the two young star-crossed lovers and their death-marked love.

The play deals with issues of intergenerational and familial conflict, as well as the power of language and the compelling relationship between life and death.
Present Tense Ten
Present: Tense Ten
February 2009 (Southwark Playhouse)

Known as the toughest creative challenge in town, some of the UK’s most exciting talent has one week to respond to the most important news story of the moment. The Daydreamer Company participated in Present : Tense Ten which took place in February 2009 at the Southwark Playhouse. In response to the widely known Wilcats Strikes, The Daydreamer Company developed a piece titled "Bottom Line Accounting" and performed as part of the Present : Tense line up to a sold out theatre.
Vikings and Darwin
The Vikings & Darwin
March - May 2009 (Watford Palace Theatre)

For millions of years, the human race has been changing, adapting, evolving. But for all the progress we've made, have we developed the ability to conciously control our own fate? Or are we merely just pawns in the guiding hand of destiny?

After taking part in NT Connections 2008 with Arden City, the Daydreamer Company proudly presented it's 2009 entry to the festival; 'The Vikings and Darwin' by David Mamet. The play also signifies the solo directorial debut of Dale Carpenter under the Daydreamer banner.
June 2009 (Watford Colosseum)

“Where are you going?"
"Where have you been?”

The Daydreamer Company presents a devised piece as part of the Watford Live Festival 2009. They examine the conflict between choice and circumstance in determining our destination. Even more significant than the event, is the consequence.
Dominoes Falling
Dominoes Falling
June - July 2009 (Watford Palace Theatre)

Exam season is upon us. Helen, Vincent, Joshua and Jenna have met to study together. They are four friends with incredible potential. They have bright futures ahead of them once they get through this year.

But first they have to survive tonight...

The Daydreamer Company's long awaited follow up to Arden City (National Theatre). Dominoes Falling is a tale of jealousy, betrayal and the refusal to let go of the past.
Dragons Creed
Age of Promise: Dragon's Creed
March - July 2010 (Watford Palace Theatre), Summer 2013

Yukio lives in exile at the foot of a mountain.
He has a story to tell, but no one to tell it to. Until now.

A mysterious young man approaches to ask about Yukio’s past. About the dragons he hunted, the friends he lost and the two women he loved. They soon discover that the past is rapidly catching up with them both.

Part one in Daydreamer's 'Age of Promise' saga, 'Dragon's Creed' was originally performed in 2010, and is set to return in 2012 as part of the trilogy.
Prince's Oath
Age of Promse: Prince's Oath
July 2011 (Watford Palace Theatre), Summer 2013

“Are you going to stand up for your beliefs? Or just pretend to?”

Seven years have passed since The Dragon War and King Yukio is nowhere to be found. His sons Ethan and Gbemi have maintained a fragile peace between humans and dragons by building two walls from coast to coast.
But not everybody wants “peace”.

Part two in Daydreamer's 'Age of Promise' saga, 'Prince's Oath' was originally performed in 2011, and is set to return in 2012 as part of the trilogy.
Warrior's Code
Age of Promise: Warrior's Code
Summer 2013

"It was never supposed to end like this, was it?"

Daydreamer is proud to present the final part in it's 'Age of Promise' saga; 'Warrior's Code'. All the pieces of the dragon mytholgy will fall into place in this epic closing.

To celebrate the completion of the 'Age of Promise' saga, Daydreamer will be bringing 'Dragon's Creed' and 'Prince's Oath' back to the stage for one final performance alongside 'Warrior's Code' in 2012, to bring the trilogy to a close.